Koala Tech (KT) innovation, QDA (Quantized Digital Amplification), is a new disruptive Power Amplifiers (PA) structure that permits a significant reduction in energy consumption with a broad spectrum of applications, from actual 4G and Wi-fi, to the new 5G, Wi-fi 6 and wired communications, addressing the longstanding topic of the energy efficiency in wireless communications networks due to its impact on coverage, signal quality and operational costs, and the consequent negatives impacts on the environment.

KoalaTech (KT) is a young and dynamic European startup high-tech company created in final of 2018 as a spinoff from Nova University of Lisbon and with the support of an investment fund (SMENT Digital), focused on the design of Radio Frequency transmitters to solve the lack of energy efficiency and security on wireless communications systems (5G and Wi-Fi 6), both public and military. KT’s mission is to reduce the huge amount of wasted energy in present and future wireless communications, contributing both for reducing the operational costs and achieve eco-sustainability in telecommunications. KT revolutionary technology creates a disruption over traditional Radio Frequency Amplifiers and opens a way for a new level of energy efficiency in telecommunications. This new paradigm is based on 10 patents that results from the R&D activities conducted by KT’s founders in the last 4 years.

KT has two R&D lines in parallel:

  • Energy Efficiency: application on 4G and 5G macro, metro, micro base stations and user devices and satellite and military communications.
  • Physical layer security: application on future 5G and NOMA based 5G systems and communication systems sucha as military communications, using Multi-Carrier (MC) or Single-Carrier (SC) techniques.