QDA Products

Two products based on the QDA concept with switched based amplifiers,
targeting two major market applications:

•QDA4RRU addressing radio base stations and satellites, more precisely at
the Radio Remote Unit (RRU);

•QDA4ASIC addressing Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) and User terminal equipment
(as handsets, smartphone, etc.).

The production costs of QDA4RRU’s are the same as current RF PA production
costs, and potentially lower due to the reduction in the Bill of Materials.
Also, the adoption of QDA4RRU is very simple since it implies only a change
in the RRU equipment of existing Base Stations, satellites, and other
devices without affecting other equipment stages, such as the Base Band
Unit. Therefore, it can be rolled-out gradually without affecting other
elements of the network. Also, the adoption of the QDA4ASIC in the
production of chipsets for wireless user equipment will benefit from the
lower integration costs of CMOS technology.